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What I’m asking for:

Create a account and vote favorably for my challenge submissions. It takes two minutes to create an account and two minutes to vote for all of my entries. I promise!

What’s in it for you:

Quite frankly not much. Besides the hassle of having to opt out of Minted’s marketing emails, just a warm and fuzzy feeling for helping out a fellow human being. And of course my heartfelt thanks.

What to do (if you’ve really only got five minutes):

First step – Click the Minted button below and either log in to your existing Minted account or create a new one. Once you do that, come back to this page.

Next step – Click the Robert Deem button below, which will take you back to the Minted website. You will now be on the page where all of my Minted submissions are located.

Last step – Before you begin voting, note that I HAVE MORE THAN ONE PAGE OF ENTRIES. From my Minted designer page, click on each of my entries, cast your vote and then click the back button twice on your browser to get back to my designer page. Rinse and Repeat. Voting is only allowed after the submission period is closed for each challenge, and then is only allowed for a short time and since I enter multiple challenges, not all of my entries may be available at the same time for voting.

If you've got more than five minutes...

Why I need your help:

Minted is a worldwide marketplace for independent artists and designers more info. In order for me to become a part of this marketplace I must overcome a substantial barrier to entry - community members have to accept my work. At Minted they do this by holding "challenges" where Minted account members (what I'm asking you to become) cast votes on the challenge art and design submissions (what I'm asking you to do.) The challenge submissions with the highest scores - typically a small percentage of all the entries - are considered winners and the winning artists are then able to sell their work (not just their winning entries but any work they choose) through a Minted sponsored storefront. Minted takes care of all of the fulfillment and the artists receive a reasonable commission. This is a chance for me to actually make a living as an artist and not have to die first!

Returning to my Minted designer page and why you would do that:

​I will create a post on my Facebook page each time I submit work in a Minted challenge and also when challenges come to a vote. Clicking on these Facebook posts will take you to Minted where in additon to voting, there are several other ways you can show your support which I will explain below. Of course you can bypass Facebook altogether and go straight to Minted any time you want. Once you log in to your Minted account, going back and clicking on a Facebook entry will be the easiest way to get to where all of my challenge submissions are located. As an alternative, you can create a "favorite" in your web browser linked to the following address:

In addition to voting, you can support my artwork by viewing, "liking" and commenting on my challenge submissions. And of course by purchasing prints from my Minted storefront when that eventually becomes a reality.

Viewing my challenge submissions is really easy and doesn't require you to be logged in to your Minted account. Whenever I post on Facebook that I've submitted an entry to a Minted challenge, if you simply click on that Facebook entry it will be recorded as a view by Minted. 10 clicks = 10 views. Try it!

"Liking" one of my challenge submissions requires you to be logged in to your Minted account. Clicking on the little green heart on each submission page will count as a "like" for that submission.

Commenting on one of my challenge submissions also requires you to be logged in to your Minted account. Any comment you leave on a submission page counts as a comment towards that submission.

Views, Likes and Comments are tracked by Minted for each submission and then the submissions with the most of each are featured on a leaderboard located on the Challenge's front page. These results are not only very supportive for the artists and designers but also give legitimacy and recognition to the submissions which can make a difference during the vote.

Viewing, liking and adding comments is welcome anytime and doing so within the challenge voting period is neither required nor necessary.

Feel free to message me in Facebook if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you very much! --Robert

Help With Voting In Minted Challenges
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